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If you are interested in writing for us, let us know. However, please read our below guidelines.


Some of our guest post guidelines for articles to be accepted here are:

– No duplicate content is accepted – if you have published an article on another website we are unable to publish it here. If you would like to re-work the same topic into a new article that is significantly different, then it would be acceptable.
The minimum article length is 1000 words. The more comprehensive the articles the better. If you have a shorter article we may be able to make an exception.

The article should be addressing the readers’ questions, that include an FAQ section. The FAQ must include the answers to the questions as well.

Please do not pitch or submit general topics ideas to us. We are only interested in articles that are trending topics that are covered in-depth.

What we charge:

Sponsor Post – 10$ per post. Your link will be a do-follow and we will add one link.

If you are in agreement with the above guidelines then let’s do business together. Our E-mail address is: