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What is A Pizza peel? Learn How To Use It Like A Pro

As we all know, pizza is the world’s most versatile and comfortable food- which is why many families are bringing pizza night home or making their pizzas.  It comes from Italian origin, consisting of a flattened base, round shape topped with cheese, tomato, and many other things, savory. In this article, we talk about what is a pizza peel and how to use it professionally.

It’s both a tasty and healthy meal choice. Though many frozen and fast foods are high in calories, sodium, and fat, pizza can be more nutritious than other fast foods. There are many benefits for choosing to make pizza at home, not the least of which can allow every person in the house to get their perfect, healthy, and homemade pizza.

If you want to make pizza at home, you need to make sure that you have every piece of equipment to make your pizza experience close to authentic. There is equipment called Pizza Peel. It’s something that you may have never heard of before. It’s an essential tool you need for your perfect homemade pizza. 

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What is A Pizza Peel?

Well, it’s a tool, which is used for placing pizzas in the oven without ruining the top of your pizza’s ingredients. This is described as a nifty tool that seems like a spatula where you can build up your pizza then place it in the oven or grill.

There are many things to do with this cooking tool. You can take out the pizza from the oven with It also, without the possibility of burning or injuring your hands or fingers in this baking process.  It’s also known as “Baking peels.”

What Do You Need?

You can indeed make pizzas without this thing. But availing of it will give you an authentic experience of pizza making. But the primary purpose of that is to intercept burning.

If you want your hand-made pizza to replicate the restaurant one- It allows you to do that, offering an extraordinary experience in the process of making pizza. You can experience it in the processes by doing the things below:

  • This allows you to place the dough of pizza onto a flaming surface directly and retrieve the pizza when it is done.
  • It provides you with an easy surface to turn your pizza quickly and perfectly. It ensures even the cooking of the pizza.
  • When you invite the guests or give a party at your house, you’ll be known as the pizza expert as they’re going to see you in action with the pizza peel.

Well, you can make your pizza in your home without a pizza peel. But if you want an authentic experience of pizza making, you need a pizza peel. You can also make bread and even pastries.

The Sizes of Pizza Peel You Need:

When you’re shopping for a pizza peel, size does matter. Not the size of the surface, but the size of the handle issues the most.

There is some aesthetical pizza peel that exists in the market rather than for practical purposes. But the vital goal of the pizza peel is to prevent burning. The point of buying a long-handled pizza peel is to reach the back of the grill or oven so that you don’t have the risk of burning your hands.

There are two types of pizza peels. 

  1. Short-Handled: This one is used to prepare the pizza because it has shorter handles and is very comfortable to work in the limited counter space. It’s helpful when you have more people designing their pizzas.
  2. Long-Handled: If you want to place your pizza into the oven, turning and retrieving them perfectly.

Warning: The pizzas can slip or fall when transferring them from one peel to another. The dough of the pizza can stick to it.

Some people choose both the long and the short peel for different purposes.

How to Use The Best of Your Pizza Peel?

Everyone has their method for using a pizza peel. One of the primary forms of using a pizza peel to make pizza is a few basic steps.

  • Flour the base of the peel.
  • Shape and flour the dough.
  • Place the dough on the peel.
  • Make a motion with the pizza peel so that the dough slides all around the peel. Not much movement slides off from the peel.
  • Place it in the oven or on the grill allowing it to slide off the peel gently and directly on the heated pizza stone or grill.
  • Bake the pizza perfectly.
  • Take it out from the range by sliding the peel beneath the pizza.

There you go, your perfect pizza is ready to slice and serve. 

Types of Pizza Peels

  • Wooden Peels:


Wood is one of the most aesthetic choices. It’s specially designed for those who want to display their peels and want an authentic look for their kitchen.

It can be used to cut the pizza when it’s out of the oven, and it’s pretty presentable.


Wooden peels are a highly maintained item. They are prone to staining and absorb odors.

It’s not fireproof as it is made of wood. This could lead to burning marks when it is used near open flames.

It’s usually sturdy and thick. So it’s hard to slide it under the pizza. It’s harder to clean.

The wooden surface of this peel is not thin. So this could lead to messes on your grill or in your oven.

  • Composite Peels


It’s easier to take care of.


These peels are still too thick for practical use as Pizza peels.

The handles of the peels are way too short, and this increases the chances of burning.

So this is not the best choice for those who are pizza enthusiasts.

  • Metal Peels:


Aluminum is the standard material for it. 

They are thin, easy to move pizzas around, into, and out of the grill or oven.

They are super easy to wash and require little maintenance. 

It ensures a faster pace during work. So it gives higher productivity.

It allows the extra flour removed so that the grill or oven stays clean. For that, no bitter crust from the under pizzas and smoke is given off.


Raw dough loves to stick to the smooth surface of the peels. The downside of the metal peels is sticky. Though there are some tips for not to punch your pizza dough on the peel base

Tips For Using Pizza Peel

The pizza peel is not cabinet-friendly, so use a guitar mount that allows you to display them. Also, it gives you easy access when you need it. Better to be said, you can show the guest what you’ve in your action with your pizza-making skill.

To prevent the sticking of the dough, use flour or cornflour. It will avoid sticking to the peels.

You can place parchment paper on the peel before placing the dough.

These tips will help to prevent sticking the dough on it.

Pizza peels & Pizza stones, How they work together?

You need a pizza peel when you’re cooking with a pizza stone. Because you heat the rock into the oven, then place the pizza on it. So it’s essential to use it to prevent burning your fingers or hands during pizza making.

Both work together to deliver the most authentic pizza. Also, using both Pizza peel and Pizza stone is safe. 

How to Reduce or Eliminate The Pizza Sticking

Don’t do the dough work on the peel surface. Also, don’t delay if you transfer your dough to the metal peel. Because you only have some minutes before the dough is stuck to a metal peel as it absorbs the flour. 

If you keep the dough in the fridge a couple of times, it gets cold and stocks on the peel.


To buy it, you have to keep some things in your mind. “What kind of thickness do you need?”, “Will you use metal one or wood one?”, “Can you maintain it or not??” etc. By keeping these things in your sense, you can check out the products from the given link below. Choose What you need for yourself and your pizza-making passion.


Kitchen Supply 14-inch x 16-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with Foldable Wood Handle

Kitchen Supply 14-inch x 16-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with Foldable Wood Handle

You will find pizza fans and then you’ll discover PIZZA LOVERS. For all those CAPS-LOCK pizza fans, this 14-inch x 16-inch pizza peel is the best selection for your weekly pizza party, if you are cooking a Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, throwing in a frozen pizza, or reheating your favorite shipping. A sizable carrying surface and extended manage permit you to mix and mingle with your guests while shuffling pizzas of all shapes and sizes in and from the oven. With this new workout kick, you are on, you can not overlook the veggies, and you’re going to have the ability to slide them from the oven easily with the easy-glide aluminum peel. When you’re finished, the handle folds in and supplies easy storage.

Kitchen 14 Inch/16 Inch Aluminium Foldable Pizza Peel.
The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel

Kitchen 14 Inch/16 Inch Aluminium Foldable Pizza Peel. The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel

The peel material is watertight and durable. Won’t grow unpleasant things on trust or crack like wooden or metallic dyes. Easy to clean, just use soap and water. Easy to maintain any location from the kitchen using its convenient hanging loop.

This hardy, non-stick pizza peel combines the best features of metal and wood into a highly functional tool, making it easier than ever to slide your pizza off and onto the stone, even if you’re fresh to pizza producing! Therefore it takes less flour to help discharge the dough onto the rock.

Ultimate Aluminium Ceramic Coating Lightweight Pizza Peel.

Checkered Chef Pizza Peel Extra Large Pizza Paddle 

Checkered Chef Pizza Peel Extra Large Pizza Paddle 

This pizza peel is the best pizza paddle for the grill or oven. – Checkered Chef is also the ideal pizza spade for indoor and outdoor pizza ovens, also as an additional turner for barbecues. Great pizza flipper or lifter for removing and adding pizzas to and out of the pizza or pizza stone. Also useful as a baker’s peel for raising cakes, pies, and tarts. This cushioned pizza peel was designed with a folding handle. It includes a relaxation Grip black rubber handle, not scratchy and splintery-like wooden grips. Stainless steel structure creating the Checkered Chef Pizza Peel 100% dishwasher safe.

Pizza Royale Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel

Pizza Royale Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel

It is made even simpler with the handle contoured design. Best for making food preparation and baking enjoyable and easy. Simple cleaning – only hand wash with warm water. Elegantly made finger guards keep your hands well clear of the blade as well as shielded. The sharp sword makes cutting through pizza crusts effortless, providing you with restaurant-quality pieces without ragged edges. Beautiful, food-safe precision stainless steel wheel using a top excellent bamboo handle to make sure your pizza cutter continues. This 18 inch Tapered Rolling Pin, perfect for both skilled and everyday home use.

Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel with Foldable Wood Handle

Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel with Foldable Wood Handle

POMODORO’s Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel with Foldable Wooden Handle was created especially for the pizza manufacturer, house chef, and artisan baker. Designed with purpose and practicality in mind, the aluminum alloy is made of solid aluminum for durability and withstanding elevated temperatures. Having an 11-inch cushioned wooden handle, it can easily be folded inward to conserve space, which makes it effortless to store. The paddle is the ideal match for any kitchen décor, gourmet pizza parlor, and bakery. Its unbelievable strength prevents warping and subdues warmth from shifting pizza and baked products also and by an oven/grill.

Large 14×16 inch pizza peel By Q’s INN

Large 14x16 inch pizza peel By Q’s INN

Q’s INN Aluminum Pizza Peel is accompanied by an Adjustable Handle that’s crafted especially for skilled pizza manufacturers, house chefs, and artisan bakers. This aluminum pizza peel is designed to easily slide beneath pizzas. Q’s INN pizza peel is a really versatile item: it is easy to utilize just the blade over the counter, eliminating the grip. Additionally, it is possible to easily wash and keep the blade simply by eliminating the elastic handle. Be super-agile and utilize its extended handle as a rolling pin; it is good for rolling out pizza dough, pie crusts, tarts, and cookies.

G.a HOMEFAVOR 12 x 14 Inch Rectangular Pizza Turning Peel

G.a HOMEFAVOR 12 x 14 Inch Rectangular Pizza Turning Peel

Made from durable and light anodized aluminum, it shields every pizza skin surface. Not just resistant to elevated temperatures but also wear-resistant. Easily slides beneath pizza, stromboli pizza, bread, and sandwiches. The blade is 12×14 inches, width does nicely for the private commercial and side. Pizza peel perforated to let you utilize less cornmeal or flour when shifting the pizza out of the kitchen counter into the pizza oven, then be discharged from the base of the peel, which makes the base of the pizza longer crispy. This timeless aluminum peel was made to function as an extension of the consumer’s arm and is durable enough to use.

The Perfect Pie Premium Pizza Peel 12″ x 14″ Aluminum Pizza Paddle with Foldable Handle

The Perfect Pie Premium Pizza Peel 12" x 14" Aluminum Pizza Paddle with Foldable Handle

The fantastic Pie Aluminum Pizza Peel Paddle and Stainless Steel Rocker Cutter Collection is the greatest pizza accessory instrument and provides a kit certain to please each pizza enthusiast. The industrial-grade aluminum is very durable and capable of withstanding extremely significant temperatures. The glossy pizza peel paddle is lean yet sturdy enough to slide under whatever it’s you’re producing, unlike wooden peels that are frequently too thick to perform the job. The high-quality stainless steel rocker cutter is 100% dishwasher safe and includes a protective blade cover with security in mind. Comes in a mailbox. The fashionable and custom design of the collection is guaranteed to impress all of your guests.

FLAFSTER KITCHEN Aluminum Pizza Paddle with Folding Handle

FLAFSTER KITCHEN Aluminum Pizza Paddle with Folding Handle

FLAFSTER KITCHEN is a fantastic seller on, that has received favorable reviews from multiple million customers. They mostly sell kitchen & home, industrial & scientific& patio, yard & garden goods. Currently, they provide four goods available, some with Prime transport available. The normal price of all of the goods in FLAFSTER KITCHEN is approximately $25. It is lightweight and easy to move your favorite pizza every single time – hustle-free. The pizza peel comes well packaged in a gift-appropriate box and it will be the ideal gift for Christmas, Birthdays, etc.


Making pizza at home is sweet labor of love—notice on the labor. If you don’t use a Pizza Peel, it won’t be called sweet labor. It’s an essential tool to make your homemade pizza as perfect as the restaurant one.


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