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Cooking food is one of the oldest technologies, and for apparent reasons, humans would never have survived, let alone thrived, without adapting the art of feeding themselves. The primary cooking food is heating food, making something fresh, nutritious, tasty, and killing bacteria. There is not much difference between portable electric stove top 4 burners  roasting a hunted animal on an open outdoor fire as our ancestors would have done and cooked it with gas or electricity in an oven as we do it today.

Ingenious inventors gradually came up with two brand new forms of cooking in the 20th century. The Microwave oven uses high-power radio waves to heat food efficiently and quickly in a limited time. The other one is an electric stove, cooking food more swiftly and safely and quickly with less power. Everyone knows about the microwave oven, but the electric cookers are much less well understood.

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What is an Electric Stove?

An electric stove contains electromagnetism. In short, an electric stove means generating electricity using magnetic because the stoves are easier to maintain and cheaper. It’s a benefit to landlords and property managers. Most people doing everyday and basic cooking like electric stoves, especially the glass-top, are easy to clean. The electric coil needs to be wiped down with more effort, but they can quickly swipe out if required.

How Does An Electric Stove Work?

Electric stoves offer centralized heat for your pans and pots. Under the ceramic or glass surface, there is an electrical current that flows through a metal coil. The coil becomes gradually hot and glowing, thanks to the electric resistance. It transfers heat through the ceramic or glass using infrared energy.

The infrared power characteristics mean that the Burner holding your pan or pot is heated perfectly by the transmitted energy. The food is cooked by transferring heat from the stove to the pan or pot and the food inside. 

The downside of the electric stove does not heat up quickly, as the gas burner does. You will have to wait for it whenever you are going to change the temperature down or up. This allows the amount of time it takes the temperature to change and gives you less control over the heat emission.

Once you turn off the Burner you are heating, the stovetop will continue to be hot, even after the electrical current stops. It gives off residual heat for an unsure amount of time. Usually, most of the electric stoves, especially those that are manufactured, will have an indicator light letting you know the Burner has cooled down. 

Advantages of an Electric Stove

Sometimes there is something valuable to be said for old tried and accurate methods of cooking. That combines using an electric cooktop. They are the stoves that most of us are comfortable cooking on, and they have been around for many years. Check the advantages:

  • Electric cooktops offer residual heat. Once you turn off the Burner, you can keep food warm by using the residual heat.
  • Because the heat is managed and controlled in a particular space, you can potentially cut down on energy costs.
  • Electric stoves are easy to use and install. Since they are usually standard, most people know how to handle cooking and using this appliance.
  • Moreover, The consistency of an electric stove helps in heating effectively. The stoves are eco-friendly. Suppose you’re concerned that the earth is running out of its energy. Then an electric stove is the best option for you.
  • You can leave your house without any stress of gas leaking or setting your home on fire.

Disadvantages of an Electric Stove

Of course, where it is good, there must be such a downside. Electric stoves have a lot of advantages, but not for everyone. Here are few disadvantages of an electric stove:

  • It requires a lot of time to get heat up. At first, the coils get heat, then transfer the heat through the stovetop, then to the pot or pan, and then finally to the food. This process takes time.
  • Sometimes the knob or touchpad switches set to high, medium, or low are not as precise as seeing a real flame on a gas stove. You must pay attention to your cooking when you are using an electric stove.
  • The improper distribution of the heat through the coils is another disadvantage.

Things Should Know Before Buying an Electric Stove?

Here are some features and extensions of an electric stove that will help you buy the right one for you. There are many elements that you will have to notice while purchasing an electric stove. Thanks to our modern-day technology, we have made a pretty good development in making the cooking experience richer.

  • Glide touch controls can help you set everything with a swipe. Easy to clean, digital touch controls, have more accurate heat control.
  • Tri-stove element offers three heating zones capable of delivering an industry-leading 3600 watts of energy. You can maintain the temperature of two aspects simultaneously so that the large cookware can get the heat efficiently. These cookers are specially designed for sauteing and boiling.
  • You are starting with the child safe for your child’s safety, warming zone, expandable burners, even steam clean and expandable bridge.
  • There is a perfect combination of an oven and a stove. If you want both of these together, you can. You can also get storage space under the said oven to keep up your necessities.

Difference Between Electric and Gas Stove

Learn more about the differences between cooking with electricity and gas so you can find the right stove for you. The gas stove provides even and fasts cooking, while the electric one provides fast boiling. The gas stove responds quickly to heat adjustments, but the electric one takes time. The electric stove is easy to install- no gas hook-up required like the gas stove.

Cost to Run An Electric Portable Stove Top 4 Burner

The power of using a stovetop varies. The smaller units will use 1000 watts, while a larger unit will use up to 3000 watts. A stovetop does not use all the maximum rated power probably but will heat up until it reaches the demanded temperature.

When you turn on the stove, electricity runs through the coils. It’s difficult to tell precisely how hot the stovetop is. 

A modern electric stove will use 1500 watts per hour average on medium to high.

Electric Stove 4 Burner You Should Buy

We looked at various types of electric stoves and made a list of the products. An excellent electric stove allows you to cook your perfect meal and to keep it warm. Also, it is safe, and the temperature is constant and smooth. It is safe to use and eco-friendly and makes things easier to cook the perfect meal. The ranges we have chosen for you have a complete set of cooking features and in your budget.  

NOXTON Electric Induction Cooktop Stove

NOXTON Electric Induction Cooktop Stove

This NOXTON Electric Induction Cooktop Stove has four zones of power burners. It is easy to function device.

  • This stove has nine settings on each Burner.
  • It saves electricity.
  • Easy to use.
  • It does not get heat up fast.

Ramblewood 4 Burner 30″ Electric Cooktop

Ramblewood 4 Burner 30" Electric Cooktop

This authentic black body cooktop is durable and assembled with safety approved German EGO energy controller and Burner.

  • Allows setting precise cooking temperature.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • High-grade ceramic glass panel.
  • None Reported.

ECO TOUCHE Electric Cooktop Induction  4 Burner

ECO TOUCHE Electric Cooktop Induction  4 BurnerThis sleek black finish design of the ECO TOUCHE Electric cooktop offers you a perfect option of 4 burners. It also ensures fast, even heating and boosts up your time-saving.

  • Four burners.
  • The smooth surface makes cleaning easy.
  • Not suitable with all kinds of cookware.

GASLAND Chef IH60BF 240V Electric Induction 4 burner

GASLAND Chef IH60BF 240V Electric Induction 4 burner

GASLAND Chef IH60BF 240V Electric Induction Hob offers you nine power levels to switch into the different levels of temperature from simmer to boil and ensure easy control.

  • It can be installed within limited space.
  • The cooktop is very easy to clean.
  • Great performance.
  • The stove does not come with ground wire.
  • Not CSA approved.

GE PP9830DJBB Profile Series Electric Cooktop 4 burner

GE PP9830DJBB Profile Series Electric Cooktop 4 burner

The black sleek, glass surface of GE PP9830DJBB Profile Series Electric Cooktop offers radiant cooking elements. Cook foods evenly and quickly.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Incredibly fast and hot.
  • None reported.


If you like to speed up your gas control but want the preferable wipe-clean appliance of a ceramic cooktop, and the high initial purchase expense is not an issue, the Portable Electric stove top 4 burner is worth using. Electric stoves are one of the kitchen appliances that have seen an enormous amount of progress in technology.  It’s always confusing which electric stove you should buy for your kitchen? Selecting a perfect electric stove is all about knowing what is suitable for your kitchen and everyday cooking. We have given you tips and suggestions to help make the perfect choice for your ideal electric stove. So list down your needs, check our recommendations, grab your phone and order your perfect Electric Stove.

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