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How to Use a crepe Maker Tips and Tricks

Crepe is kids one of the favorite breakfasts. Making crepes is a little bit hard in the house. Crepes are made using with electric handheld crepe maker. The process is fully straightforward and its success depends on a few crucial steps. It is a little bit hard for those who do not use this tool before. Grilling fireworks and tones are also done with a crepe maker. Crepe maker operates is a little bit tricky. Even if you are flipping successfully it can be hard to get a round shape crepe at home.

What is a crepe maker:

You may have heard the terms sandwich maker and crepe maker before. What’s the difference between these two? It all depends on what you are making in your machine. Crepes are thin pancakes with a lot of air, while sandwiches are made by filling them with meat, vegetables, or cheese.

A crepe maker is a kitchen tool that is used to make crepe and fry chicken. Crepe makers can make fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, etc. In a word, a crepe maker is used as a pan. Some cooking crepe can be challenging so crepe maker is helping to reduce this problem. Crepe maker comes in different types. One type looks like a frying pan and is heated on the top of the stove for making a crepe. Another type of crepe maker is electric looks like a standard flat. This type of crepe maker is commonly used in commercial based.

Types of crepe makers:

Here we classified different types of crepe makers based on cooking opportunity and functionality. Some are commercial and some are home-based. Here is a different types crepe maker list:

  1. Manual crepe maker
  2. Electric crepe maker
  3. Professional crepe maker
  4. Commercial crepe maker

Here is a short glimpse of these crepe makers.

  • Manual crepe maker:

A manual crepe maker is used to make crepe, pancakes. A crepe maker is like a frypan that is manually operated.

  • Electric crepe maker:

An electric pan is made from high-quality stainless steel which is long-lasting and durable. It works using electricity. It has a heat control system that provides high and low heat when it is needed.

  • Professional crepe maker:

The professional pan comes for professional workers who are professionally working as crepe makers or pancake makers.

  • Commercial crepe maker:

A commercial pan is for commercial use and works like a heavy-duty. It is widely used in restaurants and hotels.

How to cook with a Crepe Maker:

The crepe maker is lightweight so that you can move it easily using your hand. You can handle it easily with its handle. This handle keeps your hand safe during cooking time. Here we describe its cooking process:

Step 1: Set the heat to the medium:

Crepe maker can easily overcook and dry. You can easily maintain its heat. To avoid overheating issues you need to set up a medium temperature. If your pan is not too hot it can be taken a long time to fry crepe. On the other hand, if your crepe maker is high heat the crepe can burn. That’s why you need to keep an average heat.

Step 1: Add butter:

If you have a nonstick frying pan oil can significantly increase in lifespan. Also, oil can increase your crepes tests and be more favorable. If you like other types of fat you can use them. But keep in mind, oil or butter is quite helpful for pan it increases pans longevity.

Step 1: Pour the butter:

If you have a thick pancake you can put half a mitten into your pan. If you want that your crepe made thinner like maple leafe put no more than 3 tablespoons of dough on it. Put the dough on the pan surface and evenly spread it on the pan. Now rotate the pan around with dough. It allows the dough to spread evenly from the center to the edge. If you want a thicker crepe to add 4 tablespoons of dough and rotate it around.

Step 2: Cook and flip the crepe:

Usually, a single crepe takes 1-2 minutes to cook. But a thicker crepe can take 3 minutes. Using a classic frypan and crepe is firefly easy. As the higher edge can cook crepe quickly and pick up the crepe. When you manage a crepe cook it about a minute more. Now turn off the pan heat and use something to free the crepe from the pan.

Step 3: Serve:

Now it’s time to take crepe. Serving crepe is a different process. Whatever you like can add with it. You can use meat, fish, cheese, condense milk, barries whatever you want. You can use it as a breakfast or appetizer.

How to Use a crepe Maker Tips and Tricks:

Using a crepe maker is not so hard as we know. Here are some tips and tricks to use a pan easily.

  • It takes some tries to get the technique right. This doesn’t take hard and my older child can do it easily. But it needs a few tries to get the dipping part down. The first batch is being a tester batch. The first crepe is in every batch is usually not quite perfect either.
  • You can only use one side of the crepe which is commonly done. However, the first crepe you flip off the maker to the plate it lands on. That’s ok, but the first batch of crepe is usually not quite perfect anyway. A successful crepe can be stacked in a pile and pulled apart from each other quite easily.
  • If you want super-thin crepes, only holding the maker is better for about 3 seconds. I like it just a tad thicker for mine so that I can hold the maker for 10 seconds.
  • It takes about 90 seconds to make a crepe that means making a batch of crepe doesn’t take long at all. However, I have 6 children that need an unbelievable amount of food. So I usually cook 3 batches and watch shows while I cook them up. I usually consider ordering a second crepe maker. So I can two crepe makers at a time.
  • Some pan recipes recommended mixing up the batter and chili it up to 24 hours. I have never chilled our recipe and it turns out great. Just make sure to blend it until completely smooth.

List of 3 Best Electric Crepe makers:

There are a number of crepe makers in the market and each has its own unique styles and methods. If you’re looking for something different, then we have a list of the 3 best crepe makers. Crepes are one of the most popular dishes that you can make at home, but they’re also quite difficult to master. This list will give you an overview of some amazing pans and help you decide which is right for your needs.

1.NutriChef Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker:

The Nutrichef electric pan has a large 12-inch cooking surface and a simple dial for the temperature control system for the perfect crepes. Our taster is particularly liked in that it can also make anything else you can cook on standard heat. Its cooking surface is raised edge and able to use it as a multipurpose appliance. Nutrichef electric pan is able to cook eggs, bacon, and sausage just as well she says.

The Nutrichef is also perfect for heating tortillas or flatbread. The surface is nonstick aluminum that is heated quickly and evenly. A wooden batter spread and wooden spatula include for making and handing crepes. The crepe maker has a large cooking surface that keeps juices and fats from dripping out during cooking.

  • Can heat quickly and evenly
  • Quickly adjust temperature
  • Multipurpose
  • Inexpensive
  • Can create sound

2. Morning Star Crepe Maker Pro 13 Inch Crepe Maker & Electric Griddle:

Morning star pan has a 13-inch extra-large cooking surface. It contains a precise temperature dial and the indicator light lets you know the cooking plate has reached the desired temperature, you can expect the perfect-looking crepes every time. The aluminum nonstick plate can also be used to cook eggs, blintzes, pancakes, tortillas, flatbreads, and more.

It has convenient handles to keep your hand on during cooking time. The morning star pan is lightweight design and has space to wrap the cord around the base make it a completely portable device. Also, you can impress your friends with a crepe station at your party. It provides a cool service easy to make a better recipe.

  • Can heat quickly
  • Large cooking surface
  • Sleek design
  • Temperature control system
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Little bit pricy

3. Health and Home No Edge Crepe Maker:

If you are really serious about pan and want to change your old electric pan with a professional crepe maker. This maker is perfect for you. It can produce high heat over 1000 watts for fast heating. It has a large 13 inches surface for cooking regular and large crepes. You can make two or three mini crepes perfectly for your kids. Also, you can use this product for heating tortillas or flatbreads.

The nonstick crepes can easily and can make clean up easy. The temperature control adjusts your temperature for perfect cooking, whether you are cooks crepe or flatbread. A light indicates when you are cooking your desired temperature level. It also comes with a handle that makes it easy to move or reposition. The electric pan includes a wooden batter spreader and spatula for handling crepes. Because it has no lip around the cooking surface you may not want to cook food that would release liquid or fat during cooking.

  • Can produce high heat
  • Quickly heat and spread evenly
  • High quality
  • Large surface
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Not a versatile appliance

Final words:

A crepe maker is usually used to make crepe but it has a versatile use. Some crepe makers are only for a specific use but others are for fry omelet, chicken fry, bread, and pancake. I this article, I discuss both types of crepe makers. Crepe makers have a large surface for making different types of dishes. Some crepe makers come with some extraordinary features like a temperature control system. You can control the pan temperature as you need. In this article, I describe that how can you use a pan and the best 3 electric crepe maker. Hopefully, you will find the best one for making a crepe.

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